As I Have Loved You | John 13:34

Make Your Banner

Follow these guidelines to create your banner

The message in your banner must be in keeping with the Teaching of the Catholic Church.

Banners should:

  • Include the name of your parish or organization and in general be a message of praise and worship

Banners may NOT:

  • Include a political message or the endorsement of an individual

Please note: The leadership of the Eucharistic Congress Steering committee has the authority to reject a banner that does not conform to the above guidelines.


On the day of the Eucharistic Congress

Make your banner

Banner – 4 feet wide by 6 feet long
Long Pole – 12 feet long
Cross Pole – 4 feet 6 inches

Banner Stand
5 Gallon Plastic Bucket
2’ long 2.5” diameter plastic pipe placed in center
Filled to 1/3 with sand, stone or concrete