Faith More Precious Than Gold | 1 Peter 1:7

Make Your Banner

Follow these guidelines to create your banner

The message in your banner must be in keeping with the Teaching of the Catholic Church.

Banners should:

  • Include the name of your parish or organization and in general be a message of praise and worship.

Banners may NOT:

  • Include a political message or the endorsement of an individual.

Please note: The leadership of the Eucharistic Congress Steering committee has the authority to reject a banner that does not conform to the above guidelines.


Eucharistic Congress banners come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Many people will be far away from your banner and in order to make it readable, it should be BIG.

Make your banner

Banner – 4 feet wide by 6 feet long
Long Pole – 12 feet long
Cross Pole – 4 feet 6 inches

Banner Stand
5 Gallon Plastic Bucket
2’ long 2.5” diameter plastic pipe placed in center
Filled to 1/3 with sand, stone or concrete

On the day of the Eucharistic Congress

Banner carriers, please arrive at the assembly point on Tryon Street at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday. (Banner and Banner Carrier Instructions)

Banners are part of the procession that follows the Eucharist through the streets of Charlotte into the Convention Center. When the banner representing your parish or organization passes by, join in the procession!

Inside the Convention Center, only the banners will process down the main aisle. All other participants will be directed to their seats by the ushers using the side aisles.

Banner carriers: Deliver your banner stand to Hall A of the Charlotte Convention Center anytime Friday or early Saturday morning. After processions, use any available stand for your banner.

Remember to take your banner and stand with you at the end of the day.