Remain in Me | John 15:4

About the Holy Card

The 20th annual Eucharistic Congress features the “The Last Supper of Christ” by Guillaume Herreyns (1790-1800) to illustrate the theme “Remain in Me,” taken from the words of Jesus to His disciples at the Last Supper as recounted in the Gospel of John: “Remain in me, as I remain in you” (15:4).

Highly regarded Flemish Baroque painter Herreyns was a follower of Peter Paul Rubens, and this work depicts the same attention to color, composition and detail. Christ – illuminated at the center with a beam of light – looks out at the viewer, hands raised in blessing, mouth open as if inviting the viewer to follow Him, remain in Him, and “take and eat” His Body the Eucharist. He wears a red robe, a sign of His coming sacrifice on the cross.

The work is on display at St. Clement Church near Brussels, Belgium.