Remain in Me | John 15:4

For Parish Contacts

This is a parish resource page to help Eucharistic Congress Parish Contacts (usually a parish staff member or a lay volunteer), as they assist their pastor and parish in prayerfully preparing for the upcoming Eucharistic Congress. 

We will continue to send out the EC Parish Contact emails to you, but in case you missed an email, the information is also included below for your convenience.


Bulletin Resources

Email communications about sample bulletin announcements, the Eucharistic Congress logo, and speaker information will be sent as the date for the Eucharistic Congress approaches.

Bulletin Tip: It is helpful to add a double-sided flyer in the bulletin the weekend immediately PRIOR to the Eucharistic Congress.  The flyer would have the EC Schedule on the front side, and the EC Procession Map on the back side.

Prayer Cards

Eucharistic Congress prayer cards in English and Spanish are distributed in advance to every parish for people to pick up anytime, and extras are available at the Information Booth during the Eucharistic Congress.

Prayer Card Preparation Fun Fact: People have asked, “How do you determine the number of prayer cards for each parish?” The answer: we use the diocesan development office numbers on file for each parish. So for example: If the cards are sent in packs of 200, and the diocese’s development office shows that a parish has 300 English-speaking parishioners and 200 Spanish-speaking parishioners, then that parish would receive 2 packs of prayer cards in English, and 1 pack of prayer cards in Spanish. If your parish office does not receive the cards, or if you would like more, please email us at


Paper copies of the Eucharistic Congress poster, in both English and Spanish, will be mailed in July to all parish offices.


If you have questions about this page, please email the Eucharistic Congress Parish Contacts Coordinator at