Stay With Us, Lord. Luke 24:29

Dr. John Acquaviva

After earning a PhD in exercise physiology, John expanded his interests, and ultimately his speaking career, into the area of body image, faith and fitness, and sports and virtue.  While such topics have great value independently, a deeper meaning of them can be attained by associating each with God’s intention for us. John is known in his classes and speaking engagements for his enthusiastic (and sometimes humorous) presentations that relate the concepts discussed in the Cathechism, the Bible and JPII’s Theology of the Body to a variety of topics in the world of sport, health, and fitness.

Radio and TV – Current host of Faith & Fitness on Radio Maria, Mondays at 2pm EST. Current host of The Fitness Doctor television program on Time Warner Cable in Union County, NC. Former host of The Fitness Doctor program on ESPN radio (Charlote, 730AM). Appearances on radio shows hosted by Teresa Tomeo, Bear Woznick, and Jennifer Fulwiler.