Stay With Us, Lord. Luke 24:29

First Communion Procession

Recent First Communicants receive an invitation from Bishop Jugis to lead the Eucharistic Procession on Saturday morning.


First Communion Registrations

Registration page for the First Communicants who will lead the Eucharistic Procession on Saturday September 7.

First Communicants should assemble at the intersection of South Tryon and Martin Luther King Blvd. 8:30 am. The street will be closed off to allow the procession to assemble.

First Communicants should wear their First Communion outfits.

Parents/Guardians should supervise their children before and during the procession. That means they should walk along the procession route, on the sidewalk, as their child walks in the procession.

Please note, First Communicant registration does not constitute registration for the K-12 Education Tracks.
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  • First Communicants

    Name of child(ren) for Eucharistic Procession.
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    Please enter the grade level and name of each child you are registering for the Procession. Hit the "+" symbol to add more registrants to this list.